Shri. V. Abdurahiman
Minister for Sports, Wakf, and Haj
Abbreviation: M(S&W)
Constituency: Tanur
Portfolios: Sports, Welfare of Minorities, Wakf and Haj Pilgrimage, Post & Telegraph, Railways

Shri. V. Abdurahiman, Minister for Sports, Waqf and Haj Pilgrimage, Railways, Post& Telegraph represents Tanur Constituency of Malappuram District in the 15th Kerala Legislative Assembly. Other portfolios include Railways, Post & Telegraph.

He started his political career in association with KSU and later became an active member of the Balajana Sakhyam and Youth Congress. He has vast experience in the socio-political front as he held various positions like Councillor as well as the Standing Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman of Tirur Municipality and the President of the socio-cultural organization Act Tirur. He served as a member of KPCC as well. He bid adieu to the congress party in the year 2014 and later contested as an LDF independent from the Ponnani Lok Sabha constituency. He was elected to the Kerala Legislative Assembly for the first time in 2016 as an independent candidate of LDF from the Tanur constituency, which was a milestone in his political career. He steered numerous development projects in the Tanur constituency and brought laurels to Tanur as the most developed constituency in Malappuram District.

Political Life:

2014: Sri. Abdurahiman contested Lok Sabha elections from the Ponnani constituency as an Independent candidate of LDF. His performance in the election was a real tour de force though he lost with a margin of 25410 votes.

2016: Later he was elected to Kerala Legislative Assembly from Tanur constituency with a sweeping victory as an Independent candidate of LDF with a majority of 4918 votes.

2021: Sri. Abdurahiman was elected from the Tanur constituency for the second time with a majority of 985 votes.

He has visited more than 50 countries including the UK, Australia, France, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, New Zealand, and almost all the South West, Middle East, and East Asian Countries. His hobbies include reading, traveling, drama, and sports (especially Football). As the son of Muhammed Hamza Vellekkatt and Khadeeja Nediyal, he was born at Poroor on 5th June 1962.